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So you probably have a recruitment website that you're happy with - maybe it's served you well, or maybe you've recently had it updated.

But somehow that isn't enough, and you're looking for that extra bang in a client meeting, or that extra medium to retain and engage with a network of candidates.

It's time you looked into an app for your recruitment company.

Why should you be interested in an app?

  • Realise the vast potential for candidate attraction
  • Drive online vacancy applications through the use of candidate online profiles or CVs
  • Candidate communication direct with agency posting consultant through the app - no middle man
  • Hugely increased exposure for company blogs, news and social media
  • Wow potential clients with live demonstrations and the future-proofing strategy
  • Comprehensively branded to improve market awareness through icons, styling and colour palette
  • It's not actually that expensive! no, really! Get in touch for a speculative enquiry

Example Project

Sanderson Recruitment App

How a recruitment app can hugely complement a web design strategy

Clearly, a well designed website by a specialist recruitment web designer is a reliable workhorse to any recruitment company, in that it should:

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Hugely increase candidate engagement
  • Drive client introduction/involvement
  • Increase bottom line turnover

While a cutting edge website is the cornerstone of any modern recruitment company, the mobile app is the way to truly future proof your business, and demonstrate yourselves as a contemporary, interactive and dynamic recruiter of choice.

Why not review our Sanderson Recruitment app - or get in touch to discuss how we can create a recruitment app for your business today.

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With such potential to be harnassed from a cleverly constructed digital strategy, we're confident that we have the solution to match almost any requirement. Get in touch today for your free consultation.

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