Sanderson Recruitment

About the Project

Sanderson required an interactive website to complement a broad and dynamic new marketing strategy; it was key that the website appealed to the widest possible audience whilst providing concise and useful information to engage the visitors. Since launch the visitor engagement and page visits have grown consistently with every month.

What We provided

  • Recruitment web design
  • Web development
  • Mobile responsive technology
  • Video styling and development
  • CV submission
  • Job search and job database
  • Subscribe to newsletter functionality
  • Email marketing template created

What They Said

"We have recently engaged Fifteen Ten in the design and development of our new web site, and I have to say the experience has been a pleasure. Too often designers and developers get carried away with their own favoured technologies and styles leaving the customer with the feeling that their desired outcome has played second fiddle to the creative bias of the individuals doing the design. This is not the case with Fifteen Ten, they have taken the time to understand what we want, what our business needs and how the web is positioned in the context of our entire digital landscape. 

"At all times Fifteen Ten have been patient in explaining what we need, innovative in bringing new ideas and approaches to the table, intelligent in positioning these against our business now and in the future, and most of all empathetic to the variety of personalities and stakeholders involved in the decision making process. 

"The outcome is a website we are genuinely proud of, something that stretches our approach to digital media and provides a platform for growth in both our understanding and exploitation of this space, without being overly engineered or designed given the role that the web site has to play in our business. The value of satisfaction in this process far outweighs the cost of dissatisfaction, therefore money well spent! ".

Nick Walrond, Managing Director


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